Family Traditions Online Sale by Adcock Cattle & Crum Cattle Co.
Nov 25 @ 8:00AM CST (Start)
Nov 25 @ 7:00PM CST (End)
Online Only Auction - Horse race style closing for this auction. Stated closing time is 7:00 PM CST. Adcock Cattle, Assumption, IL - Jim (217) 820-9323 Jan (217) 273-3239 Crum...
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Our families have all been blessed tremendously with our involvement in the National and Illinois Junior Hereford Associations. However, this year our junior careers came to an end. While we will miss our involvement as juniors, with this change comes opportunity. We are excited about this new opportunity to share our genetics through this sale!

The name Family Traditions wasn’t chosen just because we are family. The name came about because Family is the reason we do this. We began our involvement in this industry because of our families and that is the reason we continue. Being able to work with your family in this business is such a blessing and although it can always have its challenges, it provides us with so many fun experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

Family doesn't just mean those related to us by blood, but also our Hereford Family. We are blessed to be involved with so many great families across this country and we cherish each and every one of those relationships. We look forward to working with the families that add our genetics to their operations and to seeing what they will do for you!

We are proud of the set of heifers we have put together. Many of these calves will be extremely competitive in the show ring and we are ready and willing to offer any assistance we can to help you succeed. But I think what we are most excited about is the future of these females and what they will do for you down the road. We are confident in the cow families they stem from and are excited to see them go to work for you!

Thank you for your belief in our programs!

The Adcock and Crum Family

All lots will be located at Adcock Cattle for viewing. Please make arrangements with Jim or Cody to schedule your visit! We would like to invite you to our open house on Nov 23-25th at Adcock Cattle. Stop in for some refreshments while on your Thanksgiving travels!

Sale Contacts:
Cody Crum - 217.248.7282
Tamar Crum - 217.820.0964
Jim Adcock - 217.820.9323
Jan Adcock - 217.273.3239
Cody Lowderman - 309.313.2171
Monte Lowderman - 309.255.0110
Matt Woolfolk - 731.694.6469
John Meents - 419.306.7480
Adam Everhart - 317.508.1712

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